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In 1993 when we were working on construction a large exhibition and  researching African influences on European artists such as Picasso, Matisse and Epstein, and our research assistant Abdul Rashid came upon this reference, buried in the small print footnotes of a large and rare book we had on special loan from National Museums and Galleries on Merseyside (NMGM) He brought it to me saying: "This may be important." Of course he knew it was very significant and his understatement was a nice touch before this small, almost buried footnote reference;


“Cezanne, it was the Negro blood of his mother that gave his canvasses most of their qualities.” Written by Robert Coady, Art Editor and New York Gallery Director in Exhibition notes 1917.     


We then purchased every book we could find on Paul Cezanne, in all the bookshops in Liverpool. Only one mentioned his mother, Elizabeth Aubert but only a single reference, in passing and no mention of her ethnicity. Readers would assume she was white. Every book wrote about his white father, a French banker, but with no reference to his ethnicity either.


Later on, Professor Protasia Torkington, researching her book ‘The Social Construction of Knowledge: A Case for Black Studies’ found this reference by gallerist Ambroise Vollard, a biographer and friend of Cezanne, and himself black, born in the East African island of Reunion;


“Elizabeth Aubert, Cezanne’s mother, was born at Aix, of a family of remote Creole origin. She was vivacious and romantic, carefree in spirit, but endowed with a disposition at once restless, passionate and quick to take offence. It was from her that Paul got his conception and vision of life.”


Cezanne is acknowlexdged as the innovative, founding father of modern European Art and Picasso honours him but without referring to his ethnicity.


During the Tate Gallery’s blockbuster Cezanne exhibition in 1996, the Tate’s Curator insisted he was white and patronisingly dismissed our evidence after the Guardian had printed a letter from LARCAA. The Guardian allowed us to reply and titled it "Tete a Tate". We were critical of the Tate establishment, it's foundation and links with sugar plantations and slavery, the historical whitewash and denials and the fact that Tate Liverpool omly employed one black person out of more than 70 staff, and he was in 'security'.  Tate Liverpool had opened opened at the Albert Dock with millions of £'s grant support from European Funding beacause of extreme poverty in Liverpool (nowhere greater than in Toxteth). Liverpool is known as the 18th Century Capital of the Slave Trade, controlling five sixths of 'The African Trade' (Encyclopaedia Britanica 1947 edition).


I am a witness - Ibrahim Brian Thompson (Artistic Director of Liverpool Anti-Racist Community Arts Association 1987-1997) Ibrahim Thompson

PS. They are at it again. Cezanne Partraits exhibition in London 2017-18 with special catalogue. No mention of his mother! What is their rationale?



Curriculum vitae

  After studying in Sheffield College of Art, Ibrahim had a successful career in Liverpool 1967-1997, as an artist and student at C.F.Mott College/Liverpool University achieving his Cert. Ed. in 1970, then as an art teacher, also coaching cross country, track and field and football (including a Liverpool Schools League Championship and a Liverpool Schools Cup runners-up). Influenced by his inclusion in the first systematic school based study of racial prejudice in school books and materials in Britain, under the leadership of School Governor Dorothy Kuya and Headteacher Olive Cope, with the guidance of students, parents and community activists in South Liverpool/Liverpool 8, he was the art teacher who pioneered  anti-racist initiatives in arts, education, trade unions, cultural industries, and in the founding years of the Football Supporters Association. Teaching first in Arundel Comp., 1970-80, rising to Head of Dept., then Paddington Comp., 1980-85 which became University School with the absorbtion of the two Liverpool Institutes 1985-86 where he was appointed 'Race Relations Co-ordinator'. He achieved record levels of student achievement, then responded to a request, by the then Director of Education, Kenneth Antcliffe, to write his own job description. After consulting with several local Black organisations on appropriate arts and cultural industry initiatives he became Liverpool City Council and Education Directorate 'Race Relations Artist' (1986-97) a role which allowed him to collaborate with comrades and colleagues as founder members of Liverpool Anti-Racist and Community Arts Association [LARCAA] led by a diverse black majority management commity of activists, where he fulfilled the role of Artist Director(1987-97). The organisation supported by Liverpool Education Directorate attracted funding and additional support from North West Arts Board, Arts Council of GB, European Social Fund, Baring Foundation, John Moores Foundation, Liverpool Community College and others, establishing several full time posts and dozens of funded projects and commissions for local black and white anti-racist artists, teachers, researchers and cultural practitioners. Ibrahim worked as a tutor for the Arts Council AEMS Project (Art Education in a Multi-Racial Society) and his work has been acclaimed by the Commission for Racial Equality (CRE), the National Association for Multi-Racial Education (NAME), and from the Office of President Nelson Mandela for his art and campaign work. He was a member of the Black History Resource Working Group, co-authoring 'Slavery: An Introduction to The African Holocaust' and he has chapters published in ‘Black and White Media Show-Book’ ed. John Twitchin and ‘The Role of Museums and the Arts in the Urban Regeneration of. Liverpool’ ed. Pedro Lorente. His images have been used as book covers or included in numerous publications inc. ‘Beliefs, Values and Traditions’ Heinemann Press and ‘The Social Construction of Knowledge: A Case for Black Studies', William Ackah and Protasia Torkington, and chosen from tens of thousands of submissions for 'Visions of a Better World', a United Nations Peace Messenger with the Brahma Kumaris Spiritual University. Ibrahim has produced work for USA Professor Henry Louis Gates and Yusuf Islam (formerly Cat Stevens) and his work is owned by John Barnes, Maya Angelou, and Howard Gayle.

He returned to the North East in 1997 to care for his father, and following a successful exhibition, completed a major anti-racism visual arts project with a select group of year 9 students in Ferryhill Business and Enterprise College; studied for a CELTA and taught for two years in the English Language Centre at Durham University; completed a Post Grad Diploma in Children’s Literature at the University of Sunderland; worked as a supply teacher (art, history, sociology), and coached one son to four North East Track titles, a Northern Championship 3000m victory and championship record, a National Cross Country title and first place in the London Mini-Marathon; and another son to ‘the most improved rower’ award in the rowing squad at Oxford University (Corpus Christi 2007-11).


20 Encombe Terrace                                                                                                                                     Tel  : 01740 657 752
Ferryhill, Co. Durham                                                                                                                                   Mob: 07737120914
DL 17 0BN                                                                                                                                                   e-mail:
               Approved Foster Carer: Many short and medium term placements
               and week-end respites; One child ‘for life’, now age 23.
               Several schools including: Sandhill View, Sunderland (Art, 
2007 - 2008   SAS (SUPPLY COVER AGENCY)  
               Various schools including: Parkside Comp.; Farringdon Sports 
               College; Durham Johnston 6th Form College(Sociology,History)
2004 – 2007    9 HACKWORTH ST & 20 ENCOMBE TERRACE
               Property Development
               Teaching, Part-time as Supply Cover
Teaching, Full-time as Supply Cover across the curriculum
Teaching (Part-time), English Language Centre.
1997-1999    FREELANCE
-            Art and Education Facilitator for Chungdokwan Taekwondo 

Sport and Art Project in association with Sedgefield Leisure Services and local

Comprehensive Schools 1998/99

… Founder and sole trader for ‘Transnational Arts and Graphics’

(TAGS – est. March 1999) to deliver visual arts and education
 services to challenge racism and develop ‘racial literacy’
…           Art Exhibition in Bishop Auckland Town Hall and Schools 
project in association with Durham Racial Equality Council 
and Ferryhill Comprehensive School
…           Liverpool Anti Racist Community Arts Association  projects.
…    1986-1997 ‘RACE RELATIONS ARTIST’
Employed as ‘Race Relations Artist’, developing and managing 
art and educational projects in schools and community, 
organised many training courses inc. INSET, workshops and 
presentations; as researcher, designer and author of 
resources using Apple Mac DTP (QuarkXpress, Photoshop) 
including exhibitions, posters, lesson plans and associated 
publications addressing issues of Racism, Islamophobia and 
Founder member, Honorary Secretary and Artistic Director of 
Liverpool Anti-Racist Community Arts Association (LARCAA) 
established 1987 as an Arts and Educational organisation, 
registered as a Charity, recognised by the Dept.of Trade and 
Industry and accepted an EEC training agency funded by 
European Social Fund. Supervised fundraising negotiations 
with Municipal, Voluntary and Private Sectors, securing 
support from Liverpool Education Directorate, North West 
Arts Board, British Home Office, Liverpool City Challenge, 
British Council, Arts Council, Baring Foundation, John 
Moores and Peter Moores Foundations.
Took early retirement option in July 1997 to return to North 
East and care for frail aged father.
Art Teacher and ‘Race Relations Coordinator’ (1985-86). 
Organised professional development programmes for staff, 
exhibitions and special events including host venue for 
Channel 4 TV, ‘Black on Black’ 1983. During this period 
achieved record levels of academic success with students in 
Liverpool’s inner city comprehensive schools, particularly 
with Black students (77% ‘O’ level pass rate). Art work 
chosen by NAME (National Association for Multi-Cultural 
Education/National Anti-Racist Movement in Education) as 
example of good practice for their annual conference.
Employed as Art teacher, becoming Head of Art Dept., 1978. 
Also taught History and Sociology. Member of first known 
team of teachers in England to systematically examine school 
books for racial bias in 1970/71 under leadership of Governor,
 Dorothy Kuya and Head teacher, Olive Cope. Successful in 
extra curricular sports activities including senior football 
team to Liverpool League Championship and City Cup Final; 
Cross Country team to winners of Merseyside League and 
individuals in County teams. Long struggle to introduce 
community liaison and anti-racist initiatives into the 
syllabus for Art Education and in cross-curricular activities.
Employed as ‘Unqualified Teacher’ to cover for 1 year.                                                                                                                           PTO
Recipient of Certificate of Meritorious Service, awarded by Liverpool City 
Experience as active committee member of North West Regional Arts Board 
(2 yrs) and Liverpool Bluecoat Art Gallery (4 yrs); 
Education forums including elected member of Executive Committee Liverpool Branch 
National Union of Teachers (6 yrs) and Secretary of NUT Race Relations Committee (5 years), 
Advisory Board of Liverpool Art College at Liverpool John Moores University (3 yrs), Liverpool 
City Council (as member of Anti-Racism Policy Group and Race Relations Liaison Committee 
(2 yrs); Executive Committee of Merseyside Community Relations Council (8 yrs) as well as 
several other Black majority and Muslim community organisations (9 yrs) and Durham 
County Council Inter-Faith Group (2yrs).
Worked as tutor for the Arts Council of Great Britain’s training programme - 
‘Arts Education in a Multi-Cultural Society’- AEMS (1988), visiting tutor 
and speaker at Liverpool University, LJMU, City of Liverpool Community 
College, Liverpool Museum, Liverpool Tate and many Liverpool schools for 
students, teachers and in-service courses for staff. Organised a successful 
school based campaign against Liverpool Football Club’s failure to remove 
racist graffiti in 1985/86 and against mainstream comic ‘Roy of the Rovers’ 
in 1986 for anti-Arab racism.
 Numerous articles, illustrations and commissions published regionally and 
nationally including Liverpool City Council, Liverpool University, Liverpool 
Hope University Press, Avon Education Authority, Council of Local Education 
Authorities and; ‘Beliefs, Values and Traditions’ Heinemann Books 1998 
(cover image and other images in Islam section); ‘The Social Construction of 
Knowledge: The Case for Black Studies’ Prof. Torkington (Cover Image), 
‘Visions of a Better World’ United Nations and Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual
 University 1992 (illustration chosen for Education, Mind, Spirit); ‘Black 
and White Media Show Book’ Trentham Books 1988/90/92 ed. John Twitchin 
(author of ‘Racism in Children’s Comics’); Co-author‘Slavery: Co-author of 'An 
Introduction to the African Holocaust’ Black History Resources Group 1996; 
Editor and Contributor ‘Before the Fire’ Liverpool NUT 1981; ‘The Role of 
Museums and Arts in the Urban Regeneration of Liverpool’(chapter ‘Art and 
Community’) Leicester University 1996 ed. Prof. Pedro Lorente  
Worked closely as consultant and associate, researching, designing and 
producing exhibitions and educational projects withNationalMuseums and 
Galleries on Merseyside (Museum ofLiverpool Life, Maritime Museum 
Transatlantic Slavery Gallery,LiverpoolMuseum,WalkerArtGallery), Bluecoat 
Gallery and Al Rahma Mosque. Project and artwork endorsed by former President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela, and Professor Henry Louis Gates at Harvard University and in collections of writer Maya Angelou, footballers John Barnes and Howard Gayle and athlete Steve Cram.
Foster Carer working with an independent fostering agency, Children’s Family 
Trust, for five years
Current       Completing dissertation for MA., (Education/Children’s 
Literature) University of Sunderland
2002-2005       Post Graduate Diploma in Advanced Studies in Education 
(Children’s Literature) University of Sunderland
1999          RSA/UCLES CELTA - University of Durham
1984-85         Post Graduate Diploma in Advanced Studies in Education 
(Multi-Cultural Education) - University of Lancaster and 
Liverpool John Moores University
1976-77      A Level Sociology (A Grade) Liverpool Community College
1967-70       Certificate in Education (Art, History) - University of Liverpool/C.F.MottCollege ofEducation
1965/66       Foundation Course, Diploma in Art and Design -College ofArt,Sheffield
1958-65         Spennymoor Grammar Technical School, Co. Durham 

Born in 1947 and raised in Ferryhill, a mining community in Co. Durham. 
Former Christian (Choirboy in St Lukes; Confirmed in 1960), 
converted to Islam in 1987. Family man (wife who is a Graduate Researcher 
and Author connected to ‘Race, Crime and Justice Regional Research Network’ 
University of Durham Social Sciences) and four sons* (*Professional Musician 
and Safety Officer on North Sea Oil Rigs // *Award winning Council Benefits 
Advocate with Liverpool City Council // *Biochemist and Academic, Oxford MSc 
2008-12; Imperial 2012-13 MSc;intern researcher in Max Planck Institute in 

Munich 2014 // *Athlete and former Loughborough College Student //* foster daughter who in consecutive years was Overall Best Student and Student of the Year at New College Durham, completingUniformed Services Course with Double Distinction.

Also has two grandsons and a great grand-daughter.

In addition to a professional interest in the Visual Arts and Education,

(see website) I also have an interest in local and global politics, 
take pleasure in the Theatre & Cinema, supporter of Sunderland AFC for 
50 years and have enjoyed a lifelong interest and participation in sport 
as a reader, collector, spectator, coach and competitor including: Northern 
Counties Gold Medal Winner as a member of Liverpool Harriers and competitor 
in National Athletics League; managing School football teams in Liverpool 
(inc. League Champions and Cup Runners Up) and Ferryhill; Member of British 
Milers Club and participant coach at numerous residential education and 
training weekends; Coaching school athletics (several County Champions in 
Liverpool and Merseryside League XC Team Victory) and particularly my 
youngest son from Primary School XC to representative honours for Durham 
County and North East England at XC, Road and Track & Field. He is four 
times NE Track Champion (800m/1500m), a winner of the London Mini-Marathon, 
former North of England 3000m champion (U15) and Championship best record 
holder, runner up in 2006 Junior Great North Run, formerly ranked No. 1 in 
UK and as the youngest participant in the 2007 GNR Half Marathon finished 
98th. I also coached his brother to County Cross Country honours and to the 
most improved rower award at Oxford University. .

I am

*son of a Ferryhill miner and a homemaker .... *a teacher since 1966 (Cert.Ed. in 1970)..... *a published artist and illustrator....... *an author (inc.‘Introduction to the African Holocaust’) and historian.....*previously a Christian who chose Islam in 1987.....*a former member of the Communist Party of Great Britain who is now in the Labour Party........ *a former 400m runner (North of England Champion)with Liverpool Harriers..... *a British Milers Club member...........*Sunderland AFC season ticket holder-supporter for 50 yrs..........*husband to a published researcher of diversity issues, racism, colour, religious and national prejudice in rural areas